A few things have happened since I announced v.0.11 of the Toolkit, in early March. Now is as good a time as any to take stock of where this newsletter/Substack publication will be headed. First, I’m delighted to finally announce I’m now Director of Special Projects
The first step towards collaborative digital evidence archival and preservation
The Toolkit enters beta software status. Here's how we'll be moving forward.
Dealing with metadata and timestamping with an immutable ledger
We aim to provide a proof-of-concept software for researchers and small teams sifting through online material, which demonstrates chain of custody and…
A brief intro to its unclear evidentiary value and admissibility before the courts
A new threat looms over international prosecutions – I'd love your help
Thanks to the generous funding of the Prototype Fund, the Open Knowledge Foundation, and the German Ministry of Education and Research
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The Digital Evidence Toolkit